August 29-31
to V-ROX 2018

“Vladivostok Rocks 2014″: Afterword

September 1, 23:37

On August 29-31 the second international music festival “Vladivostok Rocks” was held in Vladivostok. Thanks to the support of the festival’s partner S7 Airlines 200 musicians, music industry professionals, translators, writers and journalists from central Russia, Mongolia, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, China, the UK, Germany, France, South Africa and the United States came to the town by the sea. All participants lived on campus of Far Eastern Federal University. 

All events of Vladivostok Rocks were held at Sport embankment in Vladivostok, where the main stage was set in front of the Aquarium and S7 Airlines stage called “Fly away!” was built near the fountain at the Sport embankment. Concerts and dj-sets took place in “Mummy Troll Music Bar», Paulaner Brauhaus Vladivostok and Street Bar. There were more than 80 live performances during the festival.  

These Reigning Days (UK), Queen Sea Big Shark (China), Galaxy Express (South Korea), Buffalo Daughter (Japan), Mohanik (Mongolia) and “Mummy Troll” (Russia) became the headliners of V-ROX. Thanks to the internet broadcast organized by “Rostelecom”, concerts on the main stage were seen by the audience around the globe. 

Winners of the “People’s vote”: “Gorodok chekistov” (Ekaterinburg), “NAS NET” (St. Petersburg) and “Kaspiy” (Moscow) performed at S7 Airlines “Fly away!” stage. 16 bands from Vladivostok also performed there.

Promoters and organizers of the largest festivals in Asia gave speeches  at panel discussions, which took place at the “Barge” (Sport embankment). In addition, the team service of “Yandex.Music” introduced new opportunities for musicians, and a representative of Gibson gave a special master class. 

Discussion about the fate of Pacific Russia, which was attended by Alexander Halushka, Minister of Development of the Far East draw special attention of journalists and spectators of the festival. Speakers  agreed to meet at V-ROX 2015, to discuss the future development of the region, taking into account the events of the year. 

Ilya Lagutenko, curator and founder of V-ROX festival: 

“To sum up I can say that the second V-ROX festival is a success. We have passed the point of no return, and it is now clear that the festival will develop further, despite all the difficulties. 

I wanted to thank all people, who made a dream of V-ROX come true: participants and guests of the festival, its organizing committee, volunteers and assistants, administration of Vladivostok, “Mumiy Troll” band. And, of course, viewers who have come to the second festival, who are open to new music and support Vladivostok Rocks.

Now our main goal is formation of creative industry in Vladivostok. Festival is a key factor here, movement forward should start after it. And the music is a communication tool and a medium that attracts people. I am happy because Vladivostok becomes a point of music attraction, musical tourism starts to develop here.

I believe in the better future for Vladivostok and in the fact that “Vladivostok Rocks” is able to specify the path to the future, and best of all – to now! See you at V-ROX 2015! “.

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