August 29-31
to V-ROX 2018

Mohanik published a 20-minute video about V-ROX

September 22, 09:45

Mohanik from Mongolia — one of the festival’s headliners — released a video about V-ROX 2014. Mohanik is a “Mongolian Contemporary Rock” band formed in 2004 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Current members Davaajargal, Enerelt and Tsogt were classmates in middle school and formed the band to enter their school talent show. The band named itself “Mohanik” after the word “Mechanic” was miswritten.

Although the band was formed in 2004, they started writing their own material by 2009. The band refers the years between 2004-2010 development period. Early music written by Mohanik were mainly pop-punk and easy style. The band believes their second album “Mohanik at Amarbaysgalant” is a reflection of the development, intensity, seriousness and maturity of the members individually and as a band.

Mohanik describes the meaning of their band name as “It is a given name, and has no direct meaning, but our music, lyrics, the feeling, and the emotions you get from our music represent the name”. Mohanik finished two studio albums so far, the latest being “Mohanik at Amarbayasgalant” which was recorded outdoors live at a monastery in northern Mongolia.

Broken Haze released a video about his trip to V-ROX 2014

September 11, 11:51

A Japanese producer and DJ Broken Haze (Keisuke Ito) published on YouTube a video about his trip to the Vladivostok Rocks International Music Festival.

Broken Haze’s style draws from dubstep, electro, hip hop, etc. futuristic synth melodies and glitchy beats are the staple of his genre hopping style. Broken Haze created buzz after releasing split EP alongside 2010 Red Bull Music Academy graduate B. Bravo(Frite Nite) both in Japan and around the world.

In 2012 he followed up with the EP called ‘Lightning flash’ from Top Billin(Finland) creating noise both in Japan and around the world. ‘Air Castles’ and ‘’ played on Rinse.FM (Hyperdub / LuckyMe/Etc.)

His last album “Vital Error” released in November ’13 featured the likes of DEDE MOUSE, Machinedrum (Ninja Tune), Bobby Tank (MofoHifi), and S-Type (Lucky Me), gaining him widespread national media presence, with even Pitchfork and Earmilk showcasing his album abroad. His deep, emotional tunes and tracks surpassing the latest dance music trends have granted him an unshakable position within the scene.

“Vladivostok Rocks 2014″: Afterword

September 1, 23:37

On August 29-31 the second international music festival “Vladivostok Rocks” was held in Vladivostok. Thanks to the support of the festival’s partner S7 Airlines 200 musicians, music industry professionals, translators, writers and journalists from central Russia, Mongolia, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, China, the UK, Germany, France, South Africa and the United States came to the town by the sea. All participants lived on campus of Far Eastern Federal University. 

All events of Vladivostok Rocks were held at Sport embankment in Vladivostok, where the main stage was set in front of the Aquarium and S7 Airlines stage called “Fly away!” was built near the fountain at the Sport embankment. Concerts and dj-sets took place in “Mummy Troll Music Bar», Paulaner Brauhaus Vladivostok and Street Bar. There were more than 80 live performances during the festival.  

These Reigning Days (UK), Queen Sea Big Shark (China), Galaxy Express (South Korea), Buffalo Daughter (Japan), Mohanik (Mongolia) and “Mummy Troll” (Russia) became the headliners of V-ROX. Thanks to the internet broadcast organized by “Rostelecom”, concerts on the main stage were seen by the audience around the globe. 

Winners of the “People’s vote”: “Gorodok chekistov” (Ekaterinburg), “NAS NET” (St. Petersburg) and “Kaspiy” (Moscow) performed at S7 Airlines “Fly away!” stage. 16 bands from Vladivostok also performed there.

Promoters and organizers of the largest festivals in Asia gave speeches  at panel discussions, which took place at the “Barge” (Sport embankment). In addition, the team service of “Yandex.Music” introduced new opportunities for musicians, and a representative of Gibson gave a special master class. 

Discussion about the fate of Pacific Russia, which was attended by Alexander Halushka, Minister of Development of the Far East draw special attention of journalists and spectators of the festival. Speakers  agreed to meet at V-ROX 2015, to discuss the future development of the region, taking into account the events of the year. 

Ilya Lagutenko, curator and founder of V-ROX festival: 

“To sum up I can say that the second V-ROX festival is a success. We have passed the point of no return, and it is now clear that the festival will develop further, despite all the difficulties. 

I wanted to thank all people, who made a dream of V-ROX come true: participants and guests of the festival, its organizing committee, volunteers and assistants, administration of Vladivostok, “Mumiy Troll” band. And, of course, viewers who have come to the second festival, who are open to new music and support Vladivostok Rocks.

Now our main goal is formation of creative industry in Vladivostok. Festival is a key factor here, movement forward should start after it. And the music is a communication tool and a medium that attracts people. I am happy because Vladivostok becomes a point of music attraction, musical tourism starts to develop here.

I believe in the better future for Vladivostok and in the fact that “Vladivostok Rocks” is able to specify the path to the future, and best of all – to now! See you at V-ROX 2015! “.

Contest! Make the best selfie at V-ROX 2014 in Vladivostok!

August 28, 15:56

Make the best selfie at V-ROX 2014 in Vladivostok and upload it in instagram adding hashtags #vrox and #rostelecom. The winners will get Lenovo tablets, “selfie-sticks” and other prizes from the festival and “Rostelecom”. 


1. Make the best unusual selfie at V-ROX festival area in Vladivostok from 29 to 31 August 2014; 

2. The picture should clearly show you are at V-ROX Festival 2014 in Vladivostok — use symbols and promo of the festival; 

3. Publish your selfie from 29 to 31 August 2014 in instagram adding hashtags #vrox and #rostelecom;

4. V-ROX Festival Organizing Committee will summarize the results if the competition on September 1 and announce the winners. 

See you at V-ROX!

Ilya Lagutenko at V-ROX festival opening press conference

August 26, 21:43

About the level of the festival

Our festival is above the level of all the other festivals in Russia. Just because its format is unusual, and artists, representatives of the music industry and the audience have special relations. 

After three articles came out about the V-ROX in influential foreign press, any manager of any artist in the world wants to talk to us. Previously, they just did not pick up the phone, now we send a short press release, we get a response, and start talking about money.

About the local scene

This time we pay great attention to the local scene, because we consider it a priority. It is gratifying that after the first V-ROX finished bands from Vladivostok saw the gleam in their activity, they started performing at international festivals, giving concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

About Skindred 

At the last gasp the band Metallica offered Skindred to collaborate and they changed the logistics of touring. This caused new expenses which we could not afford despite the partnership with S7 Airlines. Therefore, the concert was canceled. We had similar problems in the past festival and we solved them. For example, a South Korean group “Galaxy Express” could not come at the supreme moment; this year, the artists are performing at the “Main stage”.  

About independent artists

Mykki Blanco, perhaps the most shocking American rapper, knowing that we can not come to agreement with his agent, bought a ticket himeslef and flew to Vladivostok. There will be only one concert at Street Bar on August 27, after which he immediately returns to the States, where he is going on a tour.  


The plans of the festival

Next year we want to add video content in V-ROX — with music videos. We have already agreed on a partnership with Los Angeles Festival of music videos to make a partner event for the entire Asian-Pacific region. 

About the question “Why do you continue fighting for the festival?” from “Russia” TV channel

Good question from the representative of the “Russia” TV channel. It is in order to help your channel exist, in order to make our country exist.

About oligarchs and “the hour ch”

I talked to a dozen oligarchic state-owned companies and heard the assurances of love and support. But when “the hour ch” came and budget questions had to be solved they all hid somewhere, they probably were very busy. Well, I have my own business too, it is the festival.

About hopes 

One day we will have real “Rock of Vladivostok” when all participants are local. And all the “Becks” and “Metallicas” will give up and say: “Wow!”.  

About surprises in Vladivostok 

In Vladivostok, you may always expect surprises. Life here is an utter surprise. 

“Pirated copies” by “Mumiy Troll” is the only boat show on the Vladivostok “Barge”

August 24, 20:02

A unique boat show will be held at V-ROX festival in Vladivostok. 

“Mumiy Troll” music band will present fragments of  ”Pirated copies” their new album, which will be released in winter 2015.

The concert will take place on August 31 at 8:00 p.m. at the “Barge” (Sport Quay), special guests are the groups participating in the festival: Gospel Tramp (Vladivostok) and Shadowclub (South Africa). 

“Pirated copies” will be heard by only 200 people, that is the number of complimentary tickets scheduled for the concert. The first 30 guests will  receive “Pirated copies” a new “Mumiy Troll’s” vinyl record and special cocktails V-ROX 13 or V-ROX 14 will be a bonus for all the vizitors.

A special cruise dress code is required for attendants: blue and white colors, hats, anchors and sailor’s striped vests.

To learn how to get the ticket to the concert ask hosts at “Mumiy Troll Music Bar” and Paulaner Brauhaus Vladivostok. 

Become the first to know all about the new “pirated” album by “Mumiy Troll”!

Press Conference V-ROX will be held on August 26

August 21, 14:43

Press Conference V-ROX will be held on August 26 at 11:00 on the terrace of “Aquarium”, a café at the Sport embankment, over the city oceanarium. The speakers are the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev and curator of Vladivostok Rocks Ilya Lagutenko. 

Ilya Lagutenko: “Vladivostok not only discovers new artists but presents itself to the world. This time we have received and processed a few hundred of applications from potential participants. Nobody knew about V-ROX a year ago. Now it is safe to say that we are not only able to shelter retro legends and dinosaurs of rock, but also worthy to accept and embrace new forms of music regardless of their geography. Moreover, Russian and international promoters show interest in music from Vladivostok, expecting the festival town to be ready to offer something interesting to the general public.” 

International music festival “Rock Vladivostok” will be held in Vladivostok for the second time. More than 200 musicians, music industry professionals, translators, writers and journalists from around the world will visit Vladivostok on August 29-31. Lectures, master classes and art fair will take place in addition to concerts. Admission is free.

To obtain accreditation as a journalist or a photographer send a request, including name, contact phone number and the name of represented media to and receive a confirmation.

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