August 29-31
to V-ROX 2018


“The most important task of the authorities is to make every effort to make urban life more comfortable and interesting. It is necessary to invest in infrastructure and no less in creation of spirit of the town and its mood. We are trying to make Vladivostok not only well-kept and comfortable, but also eye-catching, the town, where people will come for unforgettable atmosphere and vivid impressions,”— the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev. 

Much attention is paid by Vladivostok authorities on rich cultural life. Throughout the summer and autumn festivals, large sporting events, forums, exhibitions and concerts are held in the town by the sea. One of the bright and high-profile events is V-ROX, an international music festival, co-organized by the initiative of the mayor with Administration of Vladivostok.


To look at the world with eyes wide open, to get to know new things and value every moment is the reason S7 Airlines gladly supports culture related projects.

Because of wide geography of flights, S7 Airlines has got an opportunity to unite the force and potential of talented people throughout Russia and foreign countries.

S7 Airlines brings people closer by developing route network in the Far East and opening both domestic and international flights and allowing you to choose the shortest route and the most convenient time for your trip.

There are three new flights from Khabarovsk in summer schedule of 2014 – to Yakutsk, Irkutsk and Magadan. Direct flights of S7 Airlines unite Vladivostok and Khabarovsk to Beijing, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

During a winter period there are flights from Khabarovsk to Bangkok. S7 Airlines is a member of a global alliance Oneworld which includes 15 biggest and the most successful airlines from all over the world. Because of that S7 Airlines’ passengers have access to the route network of 1000 destinations in 150 countries.

All S7 Airlines flights are performed on modern aircrafts produced abroad – Boeing and Airbus. An aircraft-park of this airline company is one of the youngest and up-to-date on the russian market of air carriers.

S7 Airlines wants to provide the maximum of opportunities for people, fill their live with happiness, inspiration and bright events. This air company supports international music festival V-ROX 2014 in Vladivostok – a meeting and communication point for young and energetic, talented and single-minded.

S7 Airlines. Make happiness.


Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is a unique intellectual centre with international level campus infrastructure and innovative educational and researching way of training highly qualified staff for the thorough problem solving of the regional economics. It is the central ground for scientific collaboration of russian and international experts communities. It is an active participant of social and economical and cultural development of the Russian Far East.

FEFU is considered to be a unique platform for collaboration with top researching, educational and innovative structures of Asia Pacific Region. It is also known to be a global leader for science and innovation developments in Asia Pacific.

FEFU consists of 9 schools which provide over 150 educational programs on perspective technical breakthroughs and it brings up management teams that are capable of executing massive projects in regional economics.

Special features of the University are collaboration with researching, educational and innovative structures of Asia Pacific Region; single campus infrastructure which is very unique for Russia because it includes the entire island for creative communication, comfortable and safe accomodation with 800 thousand sq. metres.

Currently, one of the top priorities of the Far Eastern University is the development of efficient innovation infrastructure which provides implementation of the newest knowledge-consumptive technology into real section of economics. It is about creation innovative projects and new working places both for FEFU graduates and for the active youth of the whole Far East. There were Science and Venture Funds created in FEFU to support innovative projects. It does not have any analogs in Russian professional education.


Rostelecom is Russia’s biggest telecommunications operator, serving every branch of industry throughout the country. Millions of customers rely on us as a trusted provider of high-quality, innovative and affordable services. We are committed to continuous progress: we are investing in our future, continuously modernizing our network at an increasing pace, improving the quality of customer service and streamlining our business management system.

Rostelecom provides services of telecommunications services, the broadband and pay-TV markets, cloud solutions to private citizens and corporates of all levels.

It is also an important innovator that provides solutions in the field of medicine, E-Government, cloud computing, education, security and housing & utility services.

Rostelecom is convinced that a sucsessful company cannot work while isolated from society. Company’s contribution into society’s wellfare is not limited by financial aspects.

In 2014, Rostelecom continued its work on important social and corporate responsibility programs and projects focused on the needs of the population and aligned with our business priorities and Russian citizens objectives.


VVO PROJECT is a unique business which does not have analogs in the Russian Far East. It involves different formats starting with music partnership with Mumiy Troll band and finishing with the only in this region genuine Bavarian brewery restaurant Paulaner Bräuhaus Vladivostok.

United company VVO PROJECT is a leader in the field of public food service in Vladivostok and Primorsky Region. Modern and non-standart approach to running business and construction and launching their own facilities allows to execute unique and dynamic and high scale projects.

VVO PROJECT’s history starts in 2005 when the first project was launched – «Tochka Sushi»/ (Sushi Point), a japanese food production facility which did not have any analogs in Primorsky Region. The United Company VVO PROJECT today is one of the biggest employers in Primorsky Region. There are over 850 employees.


— Five bars with different concepts «Mumiy Troll Music Bar», «Street Bar», «Bar21», «Salon Karaoke Bar» and «Druzhba Bar»

— The only in this region restaurant project — Paulaner Bräuhaus Vladivostok. It is a real bavarian restaurant with its own brewery and 24/7 summer terrace – Biergarten

— Jananese Food Cafe chain «Tochka Sushi» is four cafes in different parts of Vladivostok.

All facilities of VVO PROJECT are located in the down town Vladivostok in a walking distance from the sightseeing spots. We are convinced that guests of VVO PROJECT should be provided with top quality solutions starting from a glass up to the music background.

VVO PROJECT. Genuine taste of Russian Far East.


GRINK is the official drink of the festival. Nonalcoholic strong carbonated drinks by GRINK with natural ingredients are produced from water from Shmakovskiy spring . They contain essential oils and herbal extracts that varies them a lot from drinks by other producers. There are four tastes: “Pomegranate and mint”, “Piquant herbs”, “Lime and mint”, “Ginger and cinnamon”.

GRINK trademark appeals to young, creative and progressive audience, which is not only artistic, but proactive, able to change their surrounding, making it more comfortable and healthy in every way. They are People, who give a dare to what already exists and strive for the new.

A person is formed by environment — examples, which surround him every day. It is really important to get an impulse from outside, a portion of inspiration. It is difficult to be an artist or creative entrepreneur, if you do not breath proper air. GRINK’s aim is to show, that everyone can be an initiator of positive changes in their lives and all the world around without any geographical limits. We also want to forward the experience of those, who has already been doing something to those who are going to, and support projects which need to be supported.



“Summit Motors (Vladivostok)” is the only official dealer of Toyota in Vladivostok. It has a showroom for new vehicles which is equipped with a service centre and one of the biggest warehouses for spare parts on this region.

Currently it has over 160 qualified employees who constantly improve their skills both in Russia and Japan.

Consultants and mechanics of the service centre constantly go through studies in Toyota Training Centre that has the unique equipment from Toyota Motor Corporation with the support from Toyota Motor Russia.


Studying in a language centre English to go is a great idea to improve your speaking skills and business English. We’ll teach you to communicate from the begginer’s level and help you to get a top quality exam preparation such as IELTS and TOEFL.

Good location (Vladivostok down town) and efficient enjoyable classes make English to go a dynamic and developing centre. We pay specific attention to the choice of our teachers and supplies. Our priority is your fluent English speech.

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