August 29-31
to V-ROX 2018


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“Afisha-Volna” — the main online magazine in Russia which writes about the most interesting things in musical sphere, about actual music: new and old, Russian and foreign, popular and academic, trendy and cult.

“Afisha-Volna” is the most authoritative and cited Russian magazine about music and everything else connected. Exclusive interviews with celebrities and the freshest news, albums’ and music videos’ premieres, interesting playlists and best releases charts of a season, concerts’ announcements and artists and experts blogs. We make the most objective analysis of new cultural environment, and all musicians appreciate our view. 



“Russian Reporter” — All-Russian socio-political illustrated weekly newspaper, specializing in big photo reports and articles about different political and cultural events and people, important to Russia and the World. Our readers are the active middle class, our circulation is 168100 copies, and our newspaper is spread all over Russia. 



PrimaMedia is a media holding which includes departments in Far East and Eastern Siberia. Founded in 2005, the agency became a leader in information field of Primorsky Region two years later. Since 2011 PrimaMedia has broadened its geography to the regions of Far East and Eastern Siberia.

Today and other branches of the holding keep leading position according to rating provided by “Medialogia” and “Yandex” citation index, that provides dissemination of our information among other media, including federal ones. Our priorities are speed, accuracy and quality. Following these principles we are determined to succeed in reaching our main goal – the biggest federal chain of information agencies in Russia. 



Radio VBC is the first commercial FM radio station in Vladivostok. 24 hours every day at 101.7 in Vladivostok, 103.3 in Nakhodka, 101.3 in Spassk Dalny we play rock music from classical to the most modern. Favorite artists and Far Eastern bands. Only on this wave you can hear the music by V-ROX participants before the festival, because every Saturday on-air in VBC Ilya Lagutenko and Sat Bisla introduce new names to our listeners.



Channel #8 — focus on Vladivostok. Daily news, reports, interviews. The most interesting things about Vladivotok’s life as well as “live” concerts and music videos of local bands.



TYSA.RU is a guide in entertaining and informational life of our town! Bright, picturesque photos, announcements and news of the best events, an advisor of the best places of modern and quality vacation, these all and even mort you can find at TYSA.RU. Video of different parties, interviews with celebrities, sport, fashion, show, drive, beautiful girls and more at 24-hour TYSA.RU TV Channel. 



“This is China, baby!” is the most popular news resource about China in RuNet. The team of authors and editors of the project consists of people who speak Chinese, understand the history of the country, its culture and current inside situation. Major Russian media refer to “This is China, baby!”, we are well-known among almost all the Russian-speaking community connected with China. The audience of “This is China, baby!” includes not only sinologists, but open-minded people, interested in politics, culture and other spheres of social life. Everyone will find an interesting column on our website.



“Vladivostok 3000” is a town online magazine. Since 2011 people, places and events have been its centre of attention. “Vladivostok 3000” is an urban lifestyle of a person who loves Vladivostok. We trust that there are a lot of ideas which can be actualized. Our task is to tell about this and take part in city projects.

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